World’s Top Patented Actives

Actives used in Kass Collagen Serum is sourced from World Top Leaders in Advance Bio active engineering. Our Key Actives are Patented ingredient with clinically proven elevated product EFFICIENCY. Mibelle AG Biochemistry, Switzerland Silab, France Wuhu Tianchi Fine Chem Ltd, Korea

Boost Skin’s Natural Production Level of Collagen

Collagen serums commonly available in the market typically include collagen supplements, derived from plants and/or animals, aimed at anti-aging benefits. However, a crucial technical challenge arises from the skin's inability to absorb externally applied collagen, resulting in it merely sitting on the skin and being washed off. The distinctive feature of Kass Collagen Boost serum lies in its ability to stimulate the skin to naturally produce collagen, counteracting the natural slowdown of collagen production over time. This unique quality aids in restoring elasticity and preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Targets 4 Signs of Aging

Kass Collagen Boost Serum an unique formulation, that effectively addresses aging concerns with a focus on sagging skin by stimulating fibroblasts. It rejuvenates dull skin by eliminating dead cells, promoting a vibrant complexion. The serum enhances elasticity, diminishing fine lines for a smoother appearance. Additionally, it targets and reduces the depth of wrinkles, offering comprehensive anti-aging benefits.