About Kass

Derived from

Kass ~ Kansa

An ancient metal from India, used even today in households in the form of utensils, storage and household & beauty tools. According to Ayurveda Prakasha, the use of Kansa is known for its detoxifying & therapeutic benefits. The Sanskrit phrase – Kansyam Buddhivardhakam meaning the Kansa ‘Kass’ has the power to heal the dosha in our body to restore balance, essential for good health inside out.

We at Kass believe and endorse that skin care should not only be healing but also non-toxic for a better life. We endeavour to provide products that are remedial the root cause of a skin concern and restore balance.

Balanced Skin is healthy, nourished and glowing!


Nature + Science

Humans are all an extension of the everything that exists around us. Made from all that nature has to provide. Hence, there is no better source to look for solutions, for our concerns and difficulties, other than mother nature.

Kass makes products that are an amalgamation of all these natural solutions, formulated into most scientific

methods to provide an on-point & effective results. We strive to adapt, learn and implement the extensive scientific research and development the world has done on skin care, with nothing but natural and indigenous ingredients. It is as the saying goes; best of both worlds!


We believe in beauty with a conscience!

A skin care product is made to address a specific skin concern effectively, as permissible. We at Kass do not lose the sight of the long term goal for healthy living alongside healthy skin. We have no tolerance to noxious, baneful practices. This clear belief enables us to provide not just effective products but solutions that are CLEAN, SAFE & HOLISTIC. All ingredients and processes used are a secured key to unveil virile, radiant skin.

With Kass it’s a natural, safe & a nontoxic journey to glowing skin.


We strive towards creating holistic skincare, hence all our products are laden with essential oil to felicitate a balance of chakra or dosha inward out. A cheerful mind will always bring that extract spark on your skin.

Kass strives to simplify skincare and make it less confusing. We aim at sharing & guiding our best knowledge with our customers, so as to empower them to start their journey towards awesome skin.

Our products are layered and have multiple benefits at different levels, so you can maintain healthy skin without having to over complicate skincare routines.

A Note from our Founder

“I created KASS because we all need products that not only work, but that are safe for us & the world we leave behind for our children.” With Love & Gratitude – Deepti Gujar Kulkarni | Featured in FEMINA

Deepti is a post graduate in business management, with specializing in marketing. Being part of a first generation business gave her the platform to explore, achieve and cross hurdles. She says that is very satisfying to be a part and contribute in a family institution and see it grow domestically to flying overseas. With time; Marriage & family with three kids and a new city equipped her to perceive life in a multi-dimensional way.

Struggling with post-natal skin care issues, got her wandering as to what was the best solution for her skin problems. It drove her passionately to know more about what she was using as skin care. She studied and got a diploma in Cosmetic Ingredients Study, also a Diploma & an Advance Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulating from Formula Botanicals, London.

The world of cosmetic study & formulation drives her and she believes that super effective, potent and power packed products can be curated with all natural & sustainable ingredients. Every product is self-formulated, curated & executed by her. Products are made by hand, in nano batches to ensure usage of fresh raw material for longer & safer product life.

She stands by her belief that if the products is fit for her family to use, it is fit to be sold!