101: Discover Your Skin Type

101: Discover Your Skin Type

Read this blog to learn about why knowing your skin type is important.

Determining your skin type—how does that matter? Well, it does. Once you know what your skin type is, you can always choose the right product, figure out the best skincare regimen, and avoid making unnecessary makeup blunders. Glowing, flawless skin is difficult to achieve, but some more caressing, and some more customization in your routine can bring out the best version of you. Wait no longer, go exploring. Kass comes up with some enlightening tips to impart health and glow to your skin forever. Let’s get started then!

 Why is it important to determine your skin type?

Your skin says a lot about you. It is better if you let your skin speak for itself. How? That’s easy. Before switching to new products & even when the weather or environment changes, get your skin tested. Consult either a dermatologist or follow some easy techniques to determine your skin type. It is significant to analyze whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or a mixed skin type. Makeup and skincare regimens are exclusive to each skin type. Don’t just follow others’ skincare routines; rather make one that typically suits you and your skin type.

What harm can be caused if you don’t know your skin type?

Well, to repeat, your skin is the most sensitive part of your body. Certainly, you need to be extra protective and cautious. Let’s elaborate with some examples.

If your skin is dry and you choose a water-based or gel moisturizer, it will not have any effect. On the other hand, if you choose the same for oily skin, it will prove beneficial. Similarly, if you have normal skin, you should manage to get the right amount of nourishment.

Trust us, every skin type is unique and there are really good ways to test them. Explore and learn with us more! 

  • Get hold of a mild cleanser and a face wash.
  • Dry your skin and do not apply any products for a while.
  • For around 30 minutes, let your skin remain bare. After that, try making
  • facial expressions and determining if your skin feels any kind of tightness. Observe if the T-zone of your skin looks radiant.

     How will you know the results?

  • Dry skin: You have dry skin if you feel the tightness.
  • Normal skin—If your skin shines up on your nose and forehead, you are more likely to have normal skin.
  • Oily skin: If you detect radiance on your nose, forehead, and cheeks, you are certain to have oily skin.
  • Combination skin - The T-zone is typically oily in combination skin types.
  • Sensitive skin – It’s easy to determine if you have sensitive skin as it can get itchy or reddish.
  • Can you try any other method?

    There is another method to determine your skin type, and that is none other than the famous blotting sheet method. This method is an excellent way to distinguish between oily and dry skin types.

    Some tips to remember 

  • Watch out for the right type of face wash and cleanser. These products are used regularly. So, make sure they are safe for your skin. You can use micellar cleansing water as a simple face wash or cleanser.
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week, but depending on your skin type, choose the exfoliants. You can also try some homemade remedies for exfoliation.
  • Before picking up any random skincare product, please be careful to notice the components used in its preparation, as it might cause a reaction or itchy skin.
  • Try to avoid fragrant products and go for everything natural.
  • Stay hydrated because water is the best possible solution to all of your skin imperfections, regardless of how many you have.
  • Here we keep some products for you. What's your pick? Decide now:-

  • Everyday face wash
  • Moisturizing Face Wash - Dry & Dull Skin

  • Today’s blog is all about putting in some extra effort to determine your skin type in the most time-saving manner. When it comes to changing your skincare, you should be cautious from the start.

    For more information, please visit Kass Care. You can also look through our wide range of products and pick up what’s best for you!! Wish you a very happy journey to a beautiful skin.

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