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Ingredients That Make the difference


 It targets the outermost stratum corneum, where desquamation 
takes place & breaks the bonds between dead cells at the surface of the skin.
Origin: Perfect Peptide P3; Mibelle AG Biochemistry, Switzerland

Wheat protein:
A small-sized protein molecule that is easily absorbed by the skin to provide multiple benefits along with inducing elasticity to regain youthful skin.

 Soy Fibre:
 It boosts collagen I synthesis & is based on highly purified  hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins, the glycopeptides found in soy.
Origin: Pro Coll One+; Silab, France

Algae Extract:  
It facilitates the retention of moisture in the skin. It inhibits  enzymes that break down collagen to maintain the suppleness of  the skin.

 Candida Extract:
 It strengthens by detoxifying the cell system & minimizes the accumulation of lipofuscin, thereby contributing to cell and tissue longevity.
Origin: CELLDETOX® Silab, USA

Hyaluronic acid: 
It helps to infuse hydration, repair skin & restore functionalities Of  the skin. 
Origin: HA 9kda, Wuhu Tianchi Fine Chem Ltd, China