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Ingredients That Make the difference


At 0.5%, reduces fine lines by thickening skin and boosting collagen for a firmer, smoother look.


With 1% concentration, acts as a natural retinol source, promoting skin absorption and age-reversal effects through retinol-like gene expression regulation.


 Vitamin E:
 Offers antioxidant protection, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while  maintaining a strong skin barrier for hydration and protection against environmental stressors.


Melon Extract:
Brightens skin tone, reduces dark spots, and shields against UV exposure for a more even complexion.


Rosehip Oil:
Rich in vitamin A, diminishes fine lines, improves skin texture, and aids in scar and stretch mark reduction, providing hydration and nourishment.


Avocado Oil:
Mimics skin sebum, delivering antioxidants to the skin to prevent miRNA damage, maintaining youthful skin.


Inhibits melanogenesis without melanocytotoxicity, minimizing tyrosinase production to combat discoloration and dark spots.