This is Why you Choose Kass De-Pigmentation Serum over the rest!

Works on 3 Way Efficiency:

Our unique formula works on 3 levels of the melasma functionality to treat existing pigments, limiting its activity even in the future

  1. Inhibits melanin production
  2. Limits UV & Photoinduced pigmentation
  3. Reveals new brighter skin post micro peeling

More effective solution for de-pigmentation
Kass De pigmentation serum stands out for its effectiveness in combating pigmentation due to its key ingredients, Alpha Arbutin + 3% Lactic Acid. This compound inhibits melanin production while maintaining cell viability. With a structure combining D-glucose and hydroquinone, it effectively lightens dark spots. Studies have indicated its superior efficacy compared to alternatives like Kojic Acid or L-ascorbic acid for pigmentation treatment.

22% Milder than other de-pigmentation serum 
Alpha arbutin effectively inhibits the activity of human tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in melanin production. However, its high hydrophilicity restricts its absorption through the skin, thus limiting its penetration into the deeper layers where melanocytes are located, consequently reducing its efficacy in treating hyperpigmentation.