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Our objective is to craft products that redefine their industries, and our Retinol Serum exemplifies this ethos. It sets a new efficiency standard by providing Advanced anti-aging solutions with a 2Fold impact while maintaining a remarkable level of gentleness on the skin.

2Fold Anti Aging Impact

Kass Retinol Serum is unique for its 2Fold Vitamin A blend of retinol and bakuchiol, combining potent collagen-boosting properties with natural irritation mitigation. Bakuchiol, surpassing retinol in some areas, offers a comprehensive solution for skin renewal and wrinkle reduction. Together, these ingredients enhance connective tissue growth factor expression, boost collagen production, and deliver unmatched anti-aging benefits for a radiant complexion, setting it apart from other retinol serums.

Efficient, Versatile Serum


Kass Retinol Serum distinguishes itself with its emulsion-based formula, a departure from traditional oil-based serums known for their tackiness and limited suitability. Its ultra-light texture ensures effortless penetration while delivering the benefits of retinol, making it compatible with all skin types. Notably, its exceptional absorption capabilities maximize efficiency, offering superior results without compromising comfort or versatility.

Robust on Anti Aging, Mild on the Skin

Kass serum, featuring a unique emulsion-based formula, offers a gentle anti-aging solution. Unlike typical retinol serums, it incorporates bakuchiol, a plant-based ingredient known for less irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin like eczema. Crafted with Rose extract, licorice extract, evening primrose, and vitamin E, known for anti-aging properties and skin calming effects. This blend effectively mitigates aggressive effects of retinol, ensuring skin comfort and health while delivering benefits.