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Q. Why Choose Kass Collagen Boost Serum??

Ans: Unlike other Peptide or Collagen Serums available in the Market Kass Collagen Boost Serum Stands a Class Part on 3 critical Parameter

1. Stimulating Internal Collagen Synthesis: The Key Functionality

Kass Collagen Boost Serum stands out from competitors by prioritizing the skin's natural collagen production over direct supplementation. Unlike other serums containing collagen derivatives that struggle to penetrate the skin barrier effectively due to molecule size, Kass Serum utilizes potent ingredients like Peptide P3, Wheat Protein, and soy fibers to stimulate the skin's innate collagen synthesis. By focusing on enhancing the skin's ability to generate collagen, rather than relying solely on external application, Kass Serum offers a more effective solution for improving skin health and vitality.


2. Defy Age related Imperfections

Serum stands out from others in the market due to its unique formulation rich in peptides and essential nutrients. Peptides penetrate the skin, signaling cells to shed dead skin cells, promoting desquamation, which results in even skin texture and tone, preventing imperfections like dullness. This process reveals fresh, youthful skin cells with restored volume and elasticity. Additionally, the serum contains proteins, soy fibers, vitamins A, D, E, and lecithin, nourishing cells and facilitating the absorption of other beneficial ingredients, providing comprehensive support for healthy cell formation and structural integrity.

Anti Aging Effective + Simplified

Power pact with anti aging benefits yet simplified usage. The combination of ingredients in our Collagen boost serum provide advance benefits on ALL 4 signs of aging yet are harmoniums, with each other and to the skin making it easy to use, everyday without any complex application rituals.