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Filters are great, but skincare is better. — Renee Rouleau - KassCare

Filters are great, but skincare is better. — Renee Rouleau

The Kass vision envisages taking the essence of natural ingredients and getting the best out of them through science for improved efficacy and non-toxic skincare products that make you feel loved, energised and healed from within.

My earliest memories of skin care date back to seeing my mother using ingredients from the kitchen and garden. She never used bottled products. Instead, she made the best use of common ingredients like turmeric, milk, besan, aloe vera, and others and mixed and matched them as well.
However, while we absolutely cannot question the goodness of nature's best, I could not help wondering if we were utilising their potential for the best outcome.
While studying for a diploma in Cosmetic Ingredients, and an Advance Diploma in Organic Skincare from Formula Botanicals, London, it was only natural for me to take interest in these ingredients and their contribution to healthy skin.
I realised that their potential and benefits could be much heightened if applied in a targeted and scientific manner.
Subsequent research only added to my belief that using these ingredients directly on the skin was not as effective and that these would provide much better care if extracted and designed to work best for you.
These ideas led to the foundation of Kass in 2021.
The word itself comes from kansa, the ancient metal still used today in the form of utensils.
Ayurveda tells us that kansa has intense therapeutic and detoxifying benefits.

At Kass, we put intense research and love into making skincare products with traditional ingredients, formulated by modern science.
Our intention is to produce safe and non-toxic remedies that not just cleanse but also purify, detox, heal and rejuvenate, from within, for a beautiful you.
However, we are aware that gone are the days when we had the time to grind, paste and apply those ingredients in their natural form

Moreover, while we devote a lot of time to work, socialising and other activities we do not take as much time for our self care.
With the kind of schedule that most of us are slaves to, very few of us have the time to take those traditional ingredients and use them like our moms used to.
Kass solves that difficulty by distilling the best of ingredients and making skincare as easy as taking a serum or ointment out of a jar and applying it.

We have delved deep into the study of skin and singled out the components which make ingredients beneficial.
The idea is to take the traditional, natural ingredients and modify and upgrade them to suit today’s lifestyle.
For example, the lactic acid in milk or the hyaluronic acid in potatoes.
Each of our products has a specific base that ensures the skin absorbs these ingredients easily.
Kass has the papaya and turmeric soap that brings out the inner brightness of your skin. With papaya puree, turmeric powder, sea salt, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, olive oil and lemongrass fragrance oil, the soap will leave the skin nourished, healthy and glowing.
Saffron or kesar, though not a regular ingredient in Indian cuisine, can work wonders for the skin. It adds a glow to your skin and can be used in face masks to take care of pigmentation and acne.
Of course, saffron soaked overnight is going to work but not as efficiently as using pure saffron extract.
Take our Brightening Serum – Alpha Arbutine. The serum penetrates through the top layer of the skin to treat melanin production and extended use of the serum will treat pigmentation.
With saffron water, aqua, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, water, and palmaria palmata extracts, it provides instant radiance, protects against UV radiation, supports wound healing and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Potatoes are rich in hyaluronic acid, which increases the skin’s moisture level. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. But then, hyaluronic acid has high molecular weight in its natural state. So, it might stay on our skin if you apply it naturally but it is difficult to penetrate into the skin.
We modify the acid scientifically and use it in products that enable better absorption into the skin.
Thus came our 2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, designed to penetrate in your skin and make it look instantly hydrated. A regular use of it can increase skin moisture and improve the quality for those with dry skin.

There’s Casa Rossa, a herb found in Latin American countries, which works miracles for acne. We use an extract that is molecularly designed to work for the skin, unlike the raw ingredient.

Similarly, the Kass Ubtan has hibiscus infused pulses base, an ultimate solution for exfoliation and deep cleaning for the body.
Our vision is holistic just like our products. We believe in simplifying skincare and making it accessible, convenient and safe while caring for Mother Earth too.

Kass is everything about natural ingredients and remedies which have been proven since ages. All we do is elevate and modify the products using the best of modern knowhow.
What's more, these skincare miracle workers are lovingly sent out in recyclable and reusable packaging. With muslin and paper, we try to do our bit for the environment, while ensuring you get safe, non toxic products that actually care, and love your skin, and you.
As Renee Rouleau said, “Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”
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