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Reasons you should switch to natural skincare ASAP

We all are mindful of what we put in our bodies, but why don’t we think about what we put on our bodies?

All of us somewhat understand that toxins and chemicals are harmful to us. We would never put them in our bodies, but do we realize that we continue to put them on our bodies? Skin is the largest organ that absorbs about 60% of everything we apply to it. You will be alarmed to know how many mainstream skin products have potentially hazardous ingredients that enter our bloodstream through our skin. These dangerous ingredients can cause allergies, headaches, mess up our hormones, and a variety of other diseases. So, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to use natural skin care and personal care products with authentic ingredients.

Natural products are as efficient as their chemical counterparts

One of the most widespread misconceptions about natural skincare is that it simply does not work. It will never be able to cure your acne, reduce fine lines, give glowing skin, or remove tan. For addressing these concerns, it is mandatory to have powerful “active” skincare, which contains harsh chemicals. The truth is, natural products and ingredients can be just as potent. There are many naturally occurring active ingredients like Sandalwood, turmeric, cinnamon, and many more, which can quickly address our concerns. These are precisely the only potent ingredients we harness at MOOL, rather than adding chemicals as filler ingredients. With natural ingredients, you’re able to deliver robust, concentrated elements to your skin and be as efficient as a chemical product.

When nature has provided us with readily available bounty, why should we ever look in the direction of harsh chemicals?

Natural products are best for all skin types in the long run

Natural products are good for sensitive and dry skin, natural skincare can also work wonders on oily and acne-prone skin. Many cosmetic skincare products marketed as acne cures contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils. These chemicals give the oily skin a clean feeling by stripping the natural oils, a protective layer of skin against bacteria. Once this layer is stripped off, the bacteria can enter pores and cause acne, which takes us back to the start. These are the kind of problems one doesn’t have to bother with when using a natural product; nature would never do false marketing.

Natural products do not have parabens, sulfate, toxins, or artificial fragrance. Instead, they are power-packed with vitamins and antioxidants. That is why you can achieve a well-moisturized skin with a balanced PH level. If you are looking to maintain your skin health, there is no alternative to natural skincare products in the long run.

Natural products are sustainable

Following natural or clean skincare is excellent for you, but it is even better for the environment. The nasty chemicals present in our personal care products enter the water streams when we rinse them off. Many of them also have polyethylene along which other chemicals that can not be treated and removed from the water. Consequently, it enters the larger water bodies and harms the acquits life. It even cycles back to us in low concentrations in our drinking water. Switching to a natural brand is one way you can contribute to the environment. 

 Along with these obvious benefits, there are a lot of hidden benefits. Natural brands tend to be more ethical. They source responsibly, contribute to the economic wellbeing of local communities and labor.  With these, natural brands also address the social and economic aspects of sustainability. 

These facts make choosing a natural skincare brand synonymous with choosing a harmonious coexistence for our society.

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